Sweet Arabella {Bozeman Children Photographer}

Jill has been a friend of mine since Kindergarten.  It was so much fun to finally meet her little minime, Arabella.  I brought Henry, my phodographer assistant, with me to our shoot hoping he might help me win the way to this little girls heart.  If she was anything like her mamma - I knew she had to LOVE dogs (I still have a bone to pick with Jill's childhood dog, Dolly, but we'll save that for another time).  Arabella is cute as a button, but she was not interested one bit in sitting on the little bench or chair I'd brought along.  She did think Henry was pretty funny though and with a little coaxing we got her try both out.  Arabella had fancy red fingernails to match her pretty red Christmas jacket and the CUTEST little smile I have ever seen, not to mention those beautiful, big, blue eyes.  I absolutely love the images we captured during our time together! Thank you Jill - I soooo enjoyed catching up! I did hear what Arabella did on Santa's lap and died laughing - she is hilarious!  Hopefully he also found it funny hahaha! Cheers!


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