Jadyn Rae - My new love :)

I finally had a free weekend after a summer full of weddings and couldn't wait to get up to Missoula to see my wonderful friend Emilee, my buddy Jaxson, Cody - after he got home from being out on the fishing boat for the past 3 months and their new little treasure ~ baby Jadyn!!! I love the Iddings Family and I love Missoula - I have had such a terrific time catching up with with everyone. Emilee and I have been best friends since probably pre-school, which = 20 years!!!! Besides the 180 miles that now seperate us, we are still practically connected at the hip and never go more than a day without chatting on the phone. I lived with Emilee a couple of years ago while I was going to photography school and Jaxon was my little man model every day...he's still got it when it comes to flashing his cute smile for the camera and it looks like his new little sister does too! I believe she slept most of my visit, but when it came time for our photo shoot - she was wide eyed and smiley! I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS!!! Thanks for the lovely weekend and congratulations on your new beautiful little girl. She is precious! Love, Auntie Carlie


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