Ashley - Class of 2011

Last Saturday I ventured around Bozeman shooting senior portraits of Ashley and her boyfriend Corey from Billings (check back in a few days for his photos). We had a great time chatting about the Billings area - my old college stomping grounds! I attended Rocky Mountain College back in 2004 and golfed for the Lady Bears. I would have to say that Billings has some of the best golf in the state of Montana!!! Sorry, got sidetracked - Back to senior photos.... Ashley was super cute and willing to try anything - whether it was standing on thin ledges 6 ft up in the air, laying on dirty sidewalks,or hopping through fields of tall weeds. I don't think she knew what she was getting into - but was definitely a champ! Senior photo shoots are an ADVENTURE! Thank you Ashley and good luck following your graduation from Skyview!


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