The Dahl Family

 I was so honored to shoot family portraits of this lovely family today! They are so special and have the most beautiful kiddos.  Being a model is hard work and we ended up with a little sleeping beauty and a few good snuggles to close out the session.  Crosby is my new buddy - he held my hand today when we walked and listened so well.  And it was such a pleasure to finally meet sweet Poppy - she heads off to her next surgery shortly so please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  She is quite a little blessing and has the best hair ever, which might be thanks to her mom Christi who is an amazing hair stylist! It was also fun to see Brad with his family as a dad! My how things have changed since I was a little freshman roaming the halls his senior year at TFHS.  It was great to see you all - thanks for hanging out with me on your Sunday morning!


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