Family Fun with the Harts & Bjorndals

I had so much fun in Three Forks on Sunday shooting family portraits for the Harts & Bjorndals. It was the first time I got to see Kinley since our first photo session when she was only 6 months old and she just celebrated her 1st Birthday!!! She is such a cutie and it is so neat to see how much she has grown in just half a year.  It was also my very first time meeting Megan & Brian's sweet little guy, Kemper.  He is so, so, so adorable! I couldn't stop smiling while editing the pictures of him - I just want to hug him - such a sweet little boy.  To make the day even more exciting, we had a big bull moose wandering in the woods just behind us all morning - ah I just love Montana in the fall! Great to see you all and catch up - look forward to keeping in touch!


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