Can't Get Enough of these Giggly Little Girls...

It's so wild to see how fast kids grow.  Just over a year ago I got together with Austen and these two little lovelies for a photo shoot! This was the very day before Maddy turned 5 and Lainey is now 2! They are so silly and such a blast to be around.  These gals make me feel like I'm a very funny person because they laugh at almost everything I say ~ Butterflies, Hamburgers, Goblins, Sparkles, Princesses ~ you name it! Glad I'm not the only one who thinks I'm a kick in the pants! Thank you Austen for making my Sunday morning so enjoyable - it's always a pleasure to meet up with you and the girls and it was fun having your dad and step-mom join us too! Cheers!


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