The Woodland Family - Good times in TF

I had a tremendous time with the Woodlands last Wednesday at the Scoffield Ranch just outside of TF. After rescheduling to avoid the gusty winds, we ended up with a perfect fall evening! The kids were all great - I only wish I could love up the camera like Jayden - Carson offered some hilarious facial expressions and Mannix was just absolutely adorable! McKenzie and Russ - I had a great time and am so excited about all of the great photos from our shoot! Kenzie and I were laughing about how it is so funny what goes on behind the scenes of family photo shoots - in between the moments when everyone is looking at and smiling for the camera. Yep - it's always a bit chaotic trying to get the little ones to hold still, be happy and look in the right direction - but that is what really makes the experience so fun and memorable!


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