Sauce Headware - Edition II

Yesterday afternoon I strolled up the "M" trail with Shayla and a few of her running colleagues for a round two photo shoot for Sauce Headwear. You may recognize Shayla from earlier posts on my website and blog. I shot her and Matt's Engagement session and wedding this summer at the 320 Ranch in Big Sky. It was a terrific wedding and I still need to take time to share my favorites with you!!! We also got together last fall for a Sauce photo op where we focused mostly on portraits. This time around we went for action shots which were exciting (you'll notice, however, that I managed to squeeze in a few portraits as well - I just can't help it)! I promise there is more ACTION on my website slide show! I am so happy that Shayla and I have stayed in touch - she is so fun and her hats are awesome! I got to pick out a new one yesterday to add to my little collection and I LOVE it! I picked out a Mocha Polka Swift Toque! It is a lightweight hat designed for aerobic winter activities - looks like I need to bust out my running shoes or pick up some cross country skis when the snow comes! FYI...the swift toques are made from Meryl® microfiber, which wicks moisture and provides resistance to the wind! Take a second to check out more Sauce products and learn all about this neat company at


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