Snowy Sundays = Family Fun days

Kayla McAvoy attended Three Forks High School with my older brother Zac and I grew up a year behind her younger sister, Tess. I was sooo excited that Kayla and Dan contacted me to shoot their family photos for the Holidays - as you can see they have the cutest family EVER! Although we were on the verge of rescheduling our portrait session due to the relentless afternoon snow storm...everything fell, literally, right into place...the snow stopped, the air was calm, and nice cloud coverage provided perfect lighting. Keegan, Ashlin, Mom and Dad were great sports and sacrificed getting cold and wet for some fun shots! Wet pants were sticking to the cold metal doors and noses were running, but all in all we put together a terrific portrait session and were able to conclude before Ashlin had completely had it with the cold snow! Many thanks to the McAvoy family for a great afternoon. I hope the hot cocoa was a warm welcome home and you enjoy these photographs as much as I enjoyed taking them! Please visit my website for more fun in the snow.


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