Winter Weddings in the Fall - Debra & Martin

Last Monday I ventured to Manhattan to shoot the wedding of Debra and Martin. They traveled back to Montana from Washington to spend this joyous day with a close knit group of family and friends. Surprisingly, it turned out to be a terrific evening for outdoor portraits despite the dreadful weather we experienced over the weekend. This daring group was willing to sacrifice a few shivers and put on a couple extra layers to capitalize on the perfect lighting of a cloudy sky. In only a couple of hours I was able to capture the love present in the dainty little Presbyterian Church and maneuver through group portraits before anyone turned completely blue. :) The guests and wedding party were all smiles the entire evening except for one of Debra's grandsons who decided he would much rather color than hold still for least he made for some great candids and a good chuckle for the rest of us! :) Thanks Debra and Martin for allowing me to share in this special occasion! Please visit my website to view a slide show of the wedding. Enjoy!


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