Alex Moore - 726 miles and a Senior Portrait Shoot

About a month ago, I received a phone call from a very sweet lady named Kelly Moore. She said that her daughter loved my work and would like to have me shoot her senior portraits. Of course, I replied, "I would love to!" Only one obstacle stood in our way...the 222 miles separating Florence, MT from Bozeman. With a bit of planning, we were luckily able to make everything work out perfectly. Alex had a couple of days off of school and a sister living in Billings - another 145 miles down the road. Bozeman was the perfect halfway point to get out, stretch the legs, let the cute little dogs run around (pugs are so funny ~ they had the tiniest puppy Charlie!), and not to mention hit up some funky locations near downtown Bozeman to shoot photographs of beautiful Alex. Despite the 3 hour drive from Florence, Alex was bright eyed, energetic, and stunning! Thank you for such a wonderful afternoon! To see a more complete collection of photos from the day, please visit my website.


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