Senior Portraits

As fall begins and the summer fades, my photography endeavors also shift from capturing the joy and love shared by family and friends ~ WEDDINGS ~ to scouting out fun and creative backgrounds that help portray the unique personalities and lifestyles of our next generation ~ SENIORS ~. Though the excitement and detail involved in capturing each special moment of a wedding has been ever so rewarding and filled my weekends with excitement and new friendships since June, I have greatly enjoyed being able to work one on one with a handful of seniors in a more relaxed atmosphere. Aubrey, Caitlin, Jordan, and Justin were all wonderful to work with and made my job quite easy as they were naturals in front of the camera. Casual conversations and a few good laughs lead to a successful sessions with these soon to be graduates. I hope that our time spent together will serve as a memorable capstone to their high school careers. Thanks and Good Luck! ~ To see more images from the photo shoots with these four seniors please visit my website!


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