MSU Women's Golf 2009
Team Photographs
Yesterday was a terrific day for shooting group portraits. Everything was perfect ~ the girls were all beautiful and the breeze blowing gently through their long locks definitely added some action to these otherwise static shots. Haha! We wish! To be honest, the wind was a bit more intense than we would have liked and resulted in numerous shots with hair over the player's faces and the faces of their teammates, but thanks to digital photography and a nearly unlimited amount of space on my memory card, we were able to come up with plenty of great images! The team was fun ~ full of joking and laughter and each player was a joy to work with for their individual mug and action shots as well. I have had the pleasure of knowing the head coach, Leslie Spalding, former golfer on the LPGA, for a few years now and was so honored that she chose me for this occasion. Since first meeting Leslie while playingg golf myself at Rocky Mountain College, we have kept in touch. She has been a great friend and a huge help in my job hunting process at MSU. Thanks Leslie!!! Being on the golf course always makes me happy. I LOVE GOLF! In my mind, there is nothing greater than being able to combine my love for the game with my love for photography. Hopefully this is displayed in the images I have captured! Good Luck to the Lady Bobcats this week in Colorado! Please join me in following their performance and getting to know the players. GO CATS!


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