Mergenthaler Family Portraits

It was such a pleasure to meet Brandi's husband and handsome little boy, Lukas, last Sunday.  We used to play sports against each other in our high school years.  I always looked forward to being partnered up with the Ennis gals at our golf meets.  We all grew to be great friends in addition to being friendly competitors.  It's was so much fun to catch-up and make new friends with Lukas.  He is just adorable.  I think at times he was trying not to smile even though he really wanted to, but he certainly couldn't hold it in when mom was holding him and dad was behind me being goofy.  There is nothing better than hearing a little babe laugh and seeing them smile! He is so cute!  Happy Thanksgiving to the Mergenthalers and to all of our friends and family! I am so thankful for my job as a photographer and cute little families like these that I get to spend my afternoons with on the weekends! Cheers!


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