Holiday Season with the Clarks

I love this little family! Matt & Ashleigh were High School Sweethearts from good ol' TF.  I remember back when they were dating so it is so much fun to see them married and still happy as can be together with two beautiful, darling girls!

Sofi & Keira are mini models in training - I didn't even have to jump around and squawk like a crazy lady to get the kiddos to look at my camera! They are pros already and made my job so easy on Sunday.  The girls love the camera, but I think the camera loves them even more - how can you not just want to capture those big, beautiful, blue eyes?! So terrific - it was great catching up with the Clarks and I look forward to more photo sessions with a couple of Ashleigh's siblings later this week!  Can't wait! Thanks so much Ashleigh & Matt - Happy Holidays!!!


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