She said YES!!! John Proposes to Annie!

Wow! Wow! What a day! Now this is what I call an engagement shoot - John proposed to Annie today and she said YES! I have been so excited for this day since chatting with John earlier this week. What a man - what a great idea - to capture the actual proposal! We met up on Thursday to map out the details of the day and everything worked like a charm. I had a couple of lovely volunteers (Meredith & Amelia) to help carry out our plan. While I was taking a few mother and daughter photos up on Pete's Hill, John and Annie just so happened to stroll by and in the backdrop he got down on one knee to ask Annie to be his wife. She had know idea I was even snapping photos of them until John let her in on our secret. SUCCESS! I am still so excited about today and am just thrilled for these two! I have never seen anyone so happy in my life - just check out Annie's smile. Priceless! Way to go John - you're the man :) Congratulations!


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