Wedding Vows in West Yellowstone - Tracy & Alex

I think it has been about 10 years since I've been up to YNP and had to have Tracy & Alex come all the way from Atlanta, GA to get me up there today! I had forgotten how beautiful it is - it is like a whole other world right here in our backyard! They had a very intimate wedding ceremony with just myself, the reverend, and a recruited witness from the boardwalk to view their exchanging of vows. It was absolutely wonderful - so laid back and relaxed and Tracy & Alex were so happy just to be together on this special day. They took me for a hike up to their favorite Geyser and stopped a few times along the way so we could snap a few portraits to share with family & friends back home. Thank you Tracy & Alex for such a fun day! Congratulations and safe travels on your honeymoon!


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