Melissa - Senior Portait Shoot

This weekend was full of fun and photography. I spent the day on Saturday with Doug Loneman shooting a wedding in Big Sky (I promise to post some shots soon) and then started off my Sunday morning hanging out with Melissa and her good friend (who has my same name!) from Townsend. Both of these pretty young ladies are on the cheer squad and are pals with my first 2011 senior – Sophie. Melissa had beautiful big eyes and a killer smile! She was stylin’ and made for a terrific subject! I do have to also add that Carlton (nickname ) received an A+ for the day on her assisting efforts! It’s always great to have an extra set of eyes and hands around to help make sure the hair is perfect, evoke laughter with a few good jokes and offer some expertise on fun poses! After our shoot, I told Melissa that it usually takes me about a week to get images posted online, but I was so excited after our shoot that I had to dig in right away and share a few of my favorites with you all! Be sure to check out my website in the next couple of days for more fun shots of Melissa! ~


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