2014 Sauce Headwear & Legwear

Whether you need a Skinny Headband to keep the bangs out of your face, a Saucy Visor to shade your eyes on a sunny day of outdoor activity, a Bow Berreto to spice up your summer fashion or a Tulip Toque to keep your ears warm in the winter, Sauce has all of goods to fulfill your every headwear want and need.  Just be sure you're not wearing your Tulip Toque like a silly goose - Angie has nicely demonstrated how you're supposed to rock it! To add to the collection of hats (of which I believe I already own one of every style), Shayla has cranked up the creativity by adding some fancy legwear to the mix of Sauce offerings.  I LOVE the Crop Pepper Tights and all of the bright and crazy custom sauce patterns.  I must also say that the 3 Capri is one of the coolest outfits I've ever seen (above photo of Shayla on her way to yoga class) - you've got to see how this thing all works!  I'm continually impressed each year we get together for our Sauce photo shoots and can't wait to get my fingers on a new pair of workout pants!  Happy shopping - http://www.sauceheadwear.com/


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