She said YES!!!

What a fun and exciting Saturday! I got to capture pictures of my good friend, Hillary getting ENGAGED! Nick called me last week to work out the plans - he had her whole family in on the proposal it and it was AWESOME! Nick & Hillary went out to the spot on her family's land where she'd always dreamed of building a home someday to check out the just so happened that her birthday was right around the corner so he had her get into his briefcase to find one of her presents and when she turned around he was down on one knee! Hillary is always smiling and a very happy person, but I have never seen her smile so bright as it was last night! Following the big surprise of a beautiful ring and promises of forever, there was yet another surprise party of family & friends waiting to congratulate them at the Sac bar! What a night! So happy for these two - I can't stop smiling just thinking about everything that happened - it was perfect! Looking forward to the Obie wedding!!


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