The Clark Family ~ Featuring Star Performer, Mr. Jordan

Sunday evening was a perfect fall day for a few family photos of the Clarks before the snowy surprise on Monday morning. I had a wonderful time catching up with Jill and meeting her husband Matt and the cute little bugger you see rockin' it in all of the pictures, Mr. Jordan. Jordan is the fastest almost 2 year old I ever did meet - good thing Matt and Jill had their running shoes on and we had lots of open space so we could chase him all over. He's a runner and a professional rock thrower as well! Usain Bolt better watch out - Jordan is coming after his world records in about 15 years or so! Same goes for Justin Verlander - who knows maybe someday Jordan will be pitching his baseball team to the World Series! At any rate - he is just adorable and I had a blast with this crew - thanks for the shoot!


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