Kalie & Matt ~ Engagement

This afternoon was terrific - an all around wonderful day. Worked half of the day... took a nice drive up Jackson Creek...had a nice lunch with Daniel...soaked up some sun with Jami & Jemma...took the dogs for a swim...and to top it off ~ I met up with Kalie & Matt for their engagement shoot. They flew into to Billings from Oregon to enjoy the holiday weekend with Kalie's family and made a special trip down to Bozeman to get a head start on their 2012 wedding plans. They are such an impressive couple - both in the medical field and not to mention - they both also have dashing good looks! I have never seen eyes so bright and brilliant in my life! The brightest blue and green eyes ever and they just sparkled when they looked at eachother! :) Would like to throw out a special thanks to Oscar for being such a trooper today - he looked quite handsome in his blue tie and also thank Kalie's parents for being awesome assistants throughout the shoot! I had a wonderful time and look forward to the big day next summer!


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