Oh How I Love the Miller Fam!

Last Sunday I met up in Missoula with my long lost friend Doug and his new and improved Family. Doug and I went to grad school together a few years back at UM and were partners in crime - dominating all group projects together while cooped up in our basement grad assistant office. When Dre was first born we did a photo shoot at a part and it was so funny watching him eat leaves in the fall. It was so neat to see him all grown up - he has become such a cool dude (shades and all). I couldn't keep from laughing about how much he looked like the little boy in the movie Big Daddy! Jennie and Doug added Declan to the Miller crew a few months back and he was a riot - all smiles the entire shoot for the camera! I couldn't get enough of him. Jennie you were beautiful as always and Doug I just have four letters for you...LMOA. Haha love it - yes you are! Take care and I look forward to catching up down the road again for another fun family get together! Love you guys - safe travels back from UT!


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