Shawna & Jess Wedding {Montana Wedding Photographer}

Wherever do I start with writing this blog post?! My dear friend Shawna is MARRIED!!! I am so happy that she met the man of her dreams - Jess is absolutely wonderful - these two are a match made in heaven.  Shawna and I played college golf together at Rocky Mountain College, but became the closest of friends during our time in Missoula at grad school.  She is the goofiest gal I've ever known and I'm so thankful that Jess fully appreciates and celebrates that about her.  I have never seen her so happy and I can't tell you how many times she's told me she has never wanted anything more in life than to marry Jess.  Well friend - all of your dreams have come true so beautifully! The rain that cleared just in time, the heartfelt vows and ceremony at your childhood home, the toasts, the dancing, celebrating your grandfather's 91st Birthday and your getting married on your parents anniversary...everything was wonderful and I was so happy to be able to capture such precious memories for you! Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Sadler!


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