Welcome Miss Zandy Jae {Bozeman Newborn Photographer}

This little gal partied hard last weekend - she attended her first Cat vs. Griz Brawl of the Wild and also had her very first photo shoot.  Zandy is such a precious babe and I am so happy for Deanna & Jake! Once we learned our lesson that both Dad and Zandy don't dig frilly headbands and tutus and let her hang out in diaper or wrapped up in a cozy blanket she was happy as pie and I am just thrilled with her photos.  Zandy's big dog sister, Sutton, even joined us for a few pictures and was quite the model herself.  Thank you Deanna & Jake for bringing Zandy by while you were in Bozeman.  It was great to see you both and meet your beautiful daughter.  Congratulations!


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