Catch Me if you Can - Kade is Turning 1!!

There's no other way I would choose to spend Mother's Day than doing a photo shoot with a beautiful mamma and her sweet kiddos! Well followed by quality time spent with my mom of course! I had so much fun with the Warren crew - a few years back before Kade was born we did a family portrait session with Aiden & Bri and it is crazy to see how much they have grown.  Handsome little Mr. Kade will be turning ONE in just two days and he is the cutest! Mr. Kade is always on the go - I was thinking when I read his shirt that says "Great Catch" - that I need to get him a shirt that says "Catch Me if you Can!"  He had us running all over the lawn trying to catch photos of him.  So sweet and smiley - it is fun to see the joy and happiness and giggles he brings to the Warren family! Thank you Shannon! Cheers!


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