Sauce Headwear - New Product Shoot

Last week I got together with Shayla and Chris for our semi-annual Sauce Headwear product shoot. I just love Sauce hats and now have quite the collection - last time I went nuts and got a hat in almost every color and style possible. My brimmed swift toque just got in and I can't wait to sport it on the ski hill! :) Thanks Chris for your wonderful modeling skills and thank you again Shayla for the fun shoot and terrific hats! If anyone is looking for fun Christmas gift ideas or stocking stuffers visit the Sauce website for some holiday shopping!


  1. Well, this is something new. I've always been the kind of guy that collects these wonderful hats/caps. But this is my first time seeing this kind of design. It's wonderful.

  2. Great collection of hats! its really looking cool to wear good quality headwear in variety of colors and styles!


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