Kirsten's Love, Lex.

I hired Kirsten to work as my right hand lady in the Bobcat Football Office when I first started back in 2009. Her and I have sure been through a lot of exciting days together...especially this past season. Each week we put together mailings to go out to recruits, stickered and stuffed ticket envelopes, replied to hundreds of emails from fans, boosters, parents, recruits, scouts, etc, and most importantly cheered on our Bobcats from the sideline and in the stands! She has been terrific and I can't thank her enough for all of her help! I was very excited she had asked me to shoot a few photographs of her and Lex - the handsome lad at her side above. Kirsten is an aspiring photographer herself and she will rock just as much behind the lens as she did in front of it. I'm sure she already knows as I tell her all the time - but she is really one terrific lady! Love you Kirsten!


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