Photographing Photographers

My friend Amelia Emerling (amelia anne photography)and I got together this evening to exchange photography services in turn for some updated portraits for our websites. I first met Amelia this summer through BluBird Images. She assisted me at a wedding up in Big Sky and we really had a great time. I was excited to hear from her recently and have been looking forward to this shoot. By the end of our session tonight, we both had red noses and frozen fingers - but it was well worth it! I definitely give kudos to all of you who have been on the other end of my really is hard being in dead aim on the opposite side of the lens! Amelia and I plan to shoot each other shooting (hahaha) and exchange portraits a few times a year from here on out! So - you can all look forward to seeing more photos of us photographers! :) Thanks Amelia (these are a few of my favorite shots she took)! She promised to post some of the photos I got of her as well - can't wait to check them out!


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