Malori & Zach ~ Wedding

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of shooting Malori and Zach's wedding at the beautiful Roy's Barn venue. I grew up with Malori in the Three Forks and we have shared many fun memories together - of which I will spare you the details as they mostly delt with our 5th grade crushes, secret recipes and forts.... had to be there moments for sure!!! I had myself a grand ol' time scrounging through my note box at mom and dad's a while back to find all of our old jibber jabber documented on paper in every color of gel pen possible. One week Mal was madly in love with Jiffy PB (code name of course), while Roses (also code name) was my heart throb. The next week it was Stewy and Brad and the list continues...typical teenage girls. My favorite part of each silly note was how we started each note - usually with a "What up Mrs. _______ (crushes last name). So I suppose what would be fitting for this blog post is to write Mal a note like back in the day: Yo Mrs. Anderson ~ I am so thankful that you allowed me to share in the most special day of your life. It always makes me smile to stop and look back in time, like I did with our remember the little things. This is why I love wedding photography - I get to freeze those moments filled with emotion, happiness, and love for you to revisit and replay in your mind 50 years down the road. I am truly happy that you found Zach just 10 miles down the road from our home town to share your beautiful life with. I know it will be hard while he is away supporting our country, but I can see how much he loves you and that he will do whatever it takes to return home safe to you. Good luck to you both! Love you! BFF. TTYL. ~Car


  1. Once again Carlie, absolutely amazing! You just have a gift of capturing the emotion through one's eye with your pictures. Can't wait to see more.

  2. They are very awesome - we need to see more please !!!

  3. Carlie those are AMAZING-You couldnt have captured Zach and Mal in a better way!!!! You truely are a wonderful photographer!


  4. Thanks everyone! If you haven't had a chance to check out my website - you should! There are quite a few more photos posted on it. I'll try to round up a few more cute photos from the day to share on the blog as well! ~ Carlie


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