Sauce Headwear

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon shooting engagements photos for Shayla and Matt. They are such a fun couple!!! During our shoot, Shayla mentioned that she and a couple of her friends started up a hat company called Sauce Headwear and might be interested in having me shoot some images she could use on their website and for promotions. I was so happy we were able to work it out this past Sunday and am super excited about my new Sauce hat – I have never owned anything like it! It is lightweight, stretchy, soft, colorful…. terrific! Product Description: •“Our products stem from the frustration with other headwear that we have worn in the past: too hot, too itchy or too ugly. Sauce Headwear has gone against the grain of conventional winter headwear, combining function, comfort and style into four essential pieces for the winter outdoor enthusiast.” •“Headwear made for winter athletes by winter athletes” •Check out their website to purchase your own Sauce hat! The company was originally created as a way to help raise money and support their dreams of competing in the Olympics. Shayla is a member of the Canadian National Ski Team and had just returned from the National competition before out photo shoot. As I have found through a bit of research online – she is quite the athlete! I could write paragraphs about her accomplishments, but thought it might be more fun for you to check it out yourself at the Cross Country Canada website.


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