Malori & Zach - Rendezvous at the Ranch

Malori and I have known each other nearly our entire lives as we both grew up in the small town of Three Forks and graduated from high school with a class of only 38 individuals. I was super excited that she asked me to photograph her wedding and we had a blast on Saturday evening at the engagement shoot. Being on her family's ranch brought back many memories from our fifth grade year when we were BFF's! From building forts in the bushes to mixing up secret recipes and running from the horses by the river we let our imaginations provide hours of entertainment. During this visit Malori and Zach provided all the entertainment! They were full of laughter - thanks to one of Mal's many special talents that gets the best of Zach every time ~ I will not give away her secret ~ you'll just have to ask her what it is... I had a terrific time and am hoping that my bit of imagination behind the camera portrays exactly this. I am so happy for you Mal ~ Congrats and I can't wait until the wedding when we get to goof off and shoot the entire day!!! Please visit my website to view a slide show with many more shots from our engagement session.


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